Apply now

Apply now for an exciting training opportunity taking place this Fall.

This initial call for candidates is provided through Access to Action Canada – a brand new, first-in-Canada program announced by WarnerMedia that aims to support careers for individuals in B.C. that haven’t traditionally had access to motion picture industry, including Indigenous Canadians, Black, and People of Colour, those who are LGBTQ2AI+, People with Disabilities and women.

Apply before August 15 and get ready for potential placement as a Production Assistant on one of the many productions taking place in BC. Successful candidates will begin their training for this role in Fall 2021.

What’s a Production Assistant? 

A Production Assistant (PA) is an entry-level position and the starting point for many people who work in the motion picture industry, offering a look into all the unique departments that make up a production. 

Starting out as a PA, you will have many duties during a busy day of production – whether working in the production office or with the locations department – your tasks will include crowd control, crew park, running errands, clean-up, traffic control and dropping off letters in neighbourhoods to advise residents and businesses of upcoming filming in their community. 

The days worked as a PA can be accrued toward requirements for union membership and benefits.  Please note that days are longer – it’s not 9 to 5 – and crew may be travelling to various locations throughout the Lower Mainland during production.

Candidates must meet the minimum requirements to apply:  

  • 19 years of age or older 
  • Legally permitted to work in Canada 
  • a resident of British Columbia (defined as living in B.C. for the 18 month period prior to submitting your application) 

Learn more about being a PA in British Columbia at the Directors Guild of Canada BC website and learn about WarnerMedia Access to Action Canada.