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Why, When & How to Incorporate

Join BIPOC TV & FILM for the first in its series of legal webinars for creative professionals!


BIPOC TV and Film
March 23, 2022
}2:30 pm

Get all your questions answered and doubts put to rest in this very specific webinar about incorporation.

  • Should I incorporate?

Sole Proprietor/ Partnership vs. a Corporation?

Reasons to consider incorporating

Reasons to consider staying a sole proprietor/partnership

  • When Should I incorporate?

Does it make a difference what date I pick to incorporate?

Do I need to make a certain amount of money before I can incorporate?

Any other timing considerations?

  • How Do I Incorporate?

Should I hire a professional service to help me or should I do it myself?

What are the articles of incorporation?

How do I choose a name for my corporation? What’s a numbered company?

What are the differences between incorporating provincially and federally?

Are there different types of shares?

Opening Resolutions and Bylaws: What are they and what decisions need to be make in order to have the them prepared?


 Why, When and How to Incorporate with Edwards Creative Law image

We’re entertainment lawyers who understand the business of creative industries. We guide creators and business professionals as they navigate the legal complexities of working with others—purchasing, financing, creating, licencing, and protecting creative properties, buying and selling creative services.

We act for clients from across Canada and around the world – working in Canada with Canadians. We advise on and structure their commercial transactions, their employment and independent contractor relationships. We incorporate and administer their corporations. And, if necessary, we resolve their disputes. Learn more at





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