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2023 British Columbia Environmental Film Festival

Accepting entries for films that bring vital stories exploring the diversity of experience on our planet


BC Environmental Film Festival

Do you have a film that will inspire people around the world? A film that brings light to diverse Environmental issues and solutions? If the answer is yes then BCEFF is your film festival!  BCEFF is aiming to bridge the gap between the scientific community and the film industry. We intend to create a culture where films can be reviewed for scientific accuracy and featured in our annual film festivals.

BCEFF is committed to showcasing high-quality programming from diverse genres and subject areas. Through the art of filmmaking, we intend to bring to our audience vital stories that explore the diversity of experience on our planet. We are broadly interested in films that relate to ecological considerations and what is often referred to as “the natural world,” but we are equally interested in the social environment as well, and particularly representations of social and cultural realities that have been ignored or pushed to the fringes.

Examples of subjects that would be of interest to BCEFF include:

– Stories addressing Indigenous, LGBTQ+, and other cultural or racial groups that are often marginalized within their respective contexts—extending to those who are disabled, those who are part of diasporas, and the wide variety of other cultures and communities who make up the diversity of human life.

– Cultural analyses addressing gender inequality, sexuality, power dynamics, and systemic racism.

– Explorations of geopolitical issues, whether or not they are typically associated with environmental crises, such as pandemics, overpopulation, energy sources, sex trafficking, famine, and war.

– Issues of social justice at the national or regional level, such as those relating to immigration, prison systems, healthcare, and wage inequality.

– Stories and investigations of ecological topics such as pollution, climate change, and biodiversity. These can be focused on revealing solutions as much as on exposing problems or challenges.

– Films that explore the realms of technology, psychology, medicine, and spirituality as they intersect with human health and/or with ecological integrity.

Each year we will spotlight a different aspect of our environment and have a special award.
Film Awards:

– Best International Documentary
– Best Canadian Documentary
– Best International Short
– Best Canadian Short
– Best Feature

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