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Cinema Spectacular 2023

This is the last run of this wonderful grassroots film fest!


Cinema Spectacular

Cinema Spectacular came to be in 2014 when fest founder Laurel K Brown was hard pressed to find a venue to screen her first indie short film. Seeing an opportunity to share a screening venue, she canvased peers for their most-recent projects and the first festival came to be.

Since then the festival has continued to grow into a celebration of Canadian cinema, accepting submissions from coast-to-coast-to-coast. It’s a big country and it’s full of stories, talent, and the passion to make great films. We are a volunteer-run festival – run by a gamut of local filmmakers, writers, actors, and technicians.

Cinema Spectacular 2023 is our triumphant return to in-person screenings, as well as a bittersweet farewell to our effervescent little film festival. Our eighth year will be our last, but it will go down in our storied, grassroots history as one for the books! Join us March 26th at the VIFF Center, and all week long virtually, Canada-wide and experience a program full of new and familiar faces, wonderful stories, and truly independent Canadian cinema.

2023 Program

Magic Trick – Chris Lennox-Aasen (BC)

Time is a Car” by Partner – Lesley Marshall (BC)

BOSSBABE – Teresa Alfeld (BC)

Picture Yourself – Tracey Lavigne (NB)

Wish You Were Here – Shiun Okada, Yuko Masaki (BC)

MARTY – Mike McKinlay (BC)

After the Rain – David K. Greene, Nate Kelly, Parker Thompson (BC)

Forgotten – Mawrgan Shaw (ON)

Halves and Doubles – Adam Mbowe (QC)

Romantics – Jamie Lam (BC)

Worst Day Ever – Karl Franzen Kimmel, Nils Kimmel (BC)

Santa’s Homophobic – Michelle Tran (AB)

Torch Narrows – Simon Garez (SK)

Under the Full Moon – Lynn Dana Wilton (ON)

Damned Supper – Ariel Hansen (BC)

Milkshakes – Rob Hunt (BC)

Marry – Fiona Cully (WC)

Wok Hei – Joel Salaysay (BC)

Cameo – Daniel Jeffery (BC)

The Dragon Awakens – Paul Johnson (BC)

Peanut Butter – Maxime Divier (QC)





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