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Meet 10 – Coralee Draginda, Property Master

Equity stream connecting qualified candidates passionate about the Props Department June 24 at 4pm PST
June 24, 2022
}4:00 pm
The Props department makes, stores and prepares the props for each days’ shoot.  Entry-level positions in the Props department generally require individuals who are excellent team players, well organized, possess strong people skills, can handle a high volume environment, and have a familiarity with art, fabrication and crafts. Don’t miss out on your chance to connect with Coralee Draginda, Property Master through Creative Pathways’ Meet 10, an equity stream connecting qualified candidates to industry hirers.  This panel will be moderated, with TikTok’s Megan Props (@meganprops) in attendance! Learn more about the Props department in this video below:


Coralee Draginda

Coralee Draginda

Property Master

Coralee’s recent credits include:

Megan Props

Megan Props


B.C. born and Saskatchewan raised, Megan moved to the west coast alone at 19. A few years later she found her way into the film Industry through friends. After her first 13 hours of peeling duradeck out of mud, she stuck around working as a Production Assistant for over 2 years taking on many different roles in the locations department before finding connections into props. Being creative and artistic her whole life she found a place in the props department to flourish. Megan then discovered how interested people were in what she was doing at work after posting a video on Tiktok about aging items to fit a scene. After a few videos went viral she claimed the name @meganprops on social media and grew a large following for herself. The amicable, behind-the-scenes artist continues to push her boundaries in the industry by beginning to travel and experience the movie world in other cultures and countries.





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