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Planet Placement: Made in Canada presented by Reel Green™

Featuring Canadian content and creatives at the forefront of climate storytelling and intersectional narratives.


Reel Green™
June 26, 2022
}11:00 am

Featured Workshop – Planet Placement: Made in Canada presented by Reel Green™ 

On the last day of the Hollywood Climate Summit, June 26th, 2022, a virtual workshop called Planet Placement: Made in Canada presented by Reel Green™ happens at 11:00AM PDT. This session will feature Canadian content and creatives at the forefront of climate storytelling and intersectional narratives. Stay tuned once we announce our talented speakers that will be featuring on this Canadian spotlight panel.

Click here to register for the summit.

The Hollywood Climate Summit  is an annual call to action of the entertainment & media community to address the climate emergency.  Now in its third year, the summit will take place both as an online interactive conference with key in-person events in Los Angeles. This year’s theme is climate storytelling, with programming that highlights intersectional storytelling, narrative impact, and mental health, as well as focusing on how to harness the power of stories messaging, and media to influence cultural shifts, behavioural change, and climate action.

Reel Green™ is proud to support the summit, which starts on June 22nd, 2022, with workshops hosted by industry leaders and continues over the course of four more action-oriented days, packed with digital, interactive programming and one-on-one networking, both in person and online. Tickets for the virtual programming is free for all to register.

Programming sponsors include, Paramount Global, NBCUniversal, Netflix, The Center for Cultural Power, and Earth Angel and sustaining sponsors include NRDC, Earthjustice, CAA Foundation, Scriptation, PGA Green, Green Production Guide, The Redford Center, Scriptation, Reel Green™, Hopin, and EarthStudios.

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