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2022 Spark FX Conference

Showcasing BC's talent in animation, visual effects and technology in film and television
March 17, 2022
Early Bird $25 GST. Regular price $30+GST

Year after year, SPARK FX presents some of the most creative and innovative work in VFX for both film and television. Our mission is to foster community, ignite the imagination, highlight leading artistic and technological advancements within Vancouver’s visual effects industry through our signature events. SPARK FX showcases Vancouver’s talent providing the international community with an opportunity to learn more and experience British Columbia as an animation, visual effects, and technology destination.

SPARK FX will be presented online from 17 – 27 March 2022.


SPARK FX 2022 consists of 7 tracks, highlighting different aspects of VFX.

The tracks are:

  • Artificial Intelligence in VFX

A dive into the different ways that Artificial Intelligence (AI) can and is being used in the VFX industry.

  • Biz & People

Sessions focused on the people of visual effects, their experience and how they continue to promote and support a happy, healthy and thriving industry.

  • Concept Art

Presentations from concept designers and production designers on the thought process in creating the world.

  • Legends & Landmarks

A celebration of the talent and legacy of important VFX projects with the creators who made them happen.

  • Non-VFX for VFX

Conversations with industry pros who don’t work in the VFX department but who interact and collaborate with VFX on a daily basis.

  • Production Sessions

All about the 5 W’s: Who, What, Where, When, Why. The creative teams from top studios present on the creation of some of the most thrilling, dynamic films and television series to date.

  • Real-Time Summit

Explore the possibilities of real-time creation from on-set motion capture to immersive concert productions and high-level “what’s next” group conversations.

SPARK FX 2022’s steering committee includes:

Alyssa Zárate, Dio Ostuni, Ernie Inductivo, Ian Failes, Ivan Aguilar, Jessica Glass, Jose Serra, Keith Blackmore, Marina Antunes, Sepp Sonntag, Sly Provencher, and Zoe Cranley.





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