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The Animation Show of Shows is urgently seeking 100 volunteers to step up and help! Volunteer to restore and deliver a minimum of 100 pristine frames each and your name will be added to the restoration credits.
} 12:00 am

Help restore with your knowledge of and access to Photoshop CC to heal specks of dust and minor scratches from the first ever 5K scan of the Award-winning 2001 Mexican animated short Hasta Los Huesos to be featured in the theatrical release of The 23rd Annual Animation Show of Shows.

Learn more about this unique and rewarding project by clicking the button below and sending an email to Elena Goldman-Rapaport expressing your interest in the restoration.

In 2001, the world of independent animated shorts was rocked by the stunning Día de los Muertos rendition of La Catrina’s “La Llorona” performed by Latin Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award recipient Mexican singer Eugenia León tapped to appear in Guadalajara-based Producer Alejandra Guevara’s stop motion short “Hasta Los Huesos” with Production Design by Cecilia Adriana Lagos López in collaboration with Director René Castillo.



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