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Apprenticeship Incentive Grant for Women

Grants available to cover apprenticeship training in Red Seal Trade


Government of Canada

Note: The Apprenticeship Incentive Grant for Women (AIG-W) pilot project will end March 31, 2023. Applications will not be accepted after this date.

Apprentices whose first year (level/block) or second year (level/block) progression date occurs after the AIG-W pilot project ends on March 31, 2023 may be eligible for the Apprenticeship Incentive Grant (AIG). Project funding for organizations providing supports to women wishing to pursue a career in the skilled trades will be available under the Canadian Apprenticeship Strategy.

The Apprenticeship Incentive Grant for Women (AIG-W) helps you pay for expenses while you train as an apprentice in a Designated Red Seal Trade where women are underrepresented.

  • The AIG-W is a taxable grant worth $3,000 per level, awarded to registered apprentices
  • You must complete your first year/level (or equivalent) to apply for the AIG‑W
  • You can apply for this grant twice during your training (for a maximum of $6,000)
  • You can apply for your second AIG-W after completing your second year/level (or equivalent) of training


Apprenticeship authority

There is a governing body in charge of apprenticeship in each province and territory. This body is usually a branch related to each provincial or territorial Department/Ministry of Education and Training with authority over training, regulation and certification of the apprenticeship program for their province/territory.

Designated Red Seal Program trade

A trade that is part of the Red Seal Program.

Journeyperson certification or Certificate of qualification

This is given to tradespeople who:

  • complete an apprenticeship program, or
  • meet all the requirements of a trade and pass the certification exam


Note: The AIG-W pilot will end March 31, 2023. Applications will not be accepted after this date. If you progressed on or after March 31, 2022, your deadline to submit an application is March 31, 2023. You should apply by this date, even if you have not received supporting documents from your apprenticeship authority. The deadline for submitting supporting documents is 12 months from your application deadline date.

When you complete the technical and on-the-job training of your apprenticeship program, you have progressed. We confirm your progression through the supporting documents you include with your application.





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