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Now accepting pitches for short-form digital series

We want pitches that deliver fresh and new ideas for short-form digital series that aim to teach, explore, or to tell stories that are diverse, disruptive and distinct.  On average, our series include 4 to 10 episodes per season, with each episode being 4-15 minutes long. They live primarily on our streaming platform CBC Gem, and sometimes on our other platforms including YouTube and social platforms.

Visually rich series that:

  • Introduce us to an underrepresented artform or scene
  • Challenge our conceptions of traditional art history through contemporary art practice
  • Educate and immerse us into a detailed artistic practice
  • Take us to a place we have never been before and document ambitious, joyful or ephemeral projects
  • Celebrate Canadian performers as they return to the stage
  • Encourage Canadians to think about, connect with and experience art more deeply

What we don’t want:

  • Profile pieces
  • Exploitative content
  • One-off videos

The most critical elements to consider when you’re pitching us an idea are:

  • Does your idea have a strong hook/storyline? Think about what a headline would be for the series or individual episodes – would it grab someone’s attention?
  • What is the question your series is hoping to answer and/or what story does it tell?
  • Can you tell this story powerfully in a short format?
  • Do you have a narrative arc for each episode and possibly the series at large?
  • If there’s an instructional or educational component, how will this be researched and visually supported?
  • Does it have a powerful visual element? (Consider asking yourself: why would this be a great video series rather than an article or podcast?)
  • Is your subject Canadian or does the story have a strong Canadian connection?
  • What communities will your story speak to and connect with? What is your access and connection to that community?
  • Why should we be telling this story right now?
  • Can this project be completed and delivered by Monday, January 16, 2023

What To Submit

Your proposal document should be 2-3 pages and can be submitted as a PDF attachment.

What to include in your proposal:

  • Your one-sentence logline for the series
  • A short description of the series
  • The amount of episodes and projected length of episodes
  • The format – is it a how-to? Doc series? Performance + sit-down interview?
  • The why – why should CBC make this series and why now?
  • A description of the audience – who do you think the audience is for this series?
  • A short description of prospective subjects, locations and themes for different episodes (these do not need to be confirmed but they should be attainable)
  • A short description/bio of the production team. If your pitch focuses on a specific community, please tell us about your connection and access to that community
  • Provide 2-3 links to examples of your previous unscripted video projects
  • Any relevant links for subjects involved
  • Strong reference images to give us an idea of the visuals

Please note: you do not need to submit a budget with your pitch document. If your project moves forward with our team, you will be asked to submit a budget estimate.

All proposals are reviewed by the commissioning team starting on Monday, July 25, 2022. If there is interest in a project, you will be contacted for further discussion by Friday, August 12, 2022.

For more information on CBC’s Business and Rights processes please visit: CBC Business and Rights.

Who Is Eligible

We aim to work with independent producers who want to help shape the next generation of video production at the CBC. We work with freelance filmmakers and independent production companies of all sizes and are committed to being an inclusive space in which Queer and BIPOC creatives can flourish.

Because we are producing series, we are looking to work with teams who have experience managing the workflow of multiple episodes and extensive deliverables.

We would ask to see examples of your previous work in unscripted video.

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