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IP BC Pilot Program

Supporting the development of pre-existing of projects with up to $25K

The IP BC Pilot Program will support the predevelopment of fiction, documentary and animated series, feature films and one-off programs for television and streamer platform networks and for theatrical distribution, via specific funding to enable the optioning of Intellectual Property (IP) by B.C.-based production companies, with an enhanced focus on optioning IP for adaptation that originates in B.C. or was created by a B.C.-based creator. Examples of pre-existing creative or cultural properties may include – but are not limited to – novels, creative non-fiction books, comics, podcasts, songs, magazine articles, video games and stage plays.

Ultimately this program will improve the competitive position of B.C.-based production companies seeking to develop, produce and sell Canadian-owned content in domestic and international markets.

  • Program Budget: $200,000
  • Apply for up to $25,000

Applications Open: December 12, 2022
Application Deadline: January 31, 2023 (11:59 PST)
Notification Date: March 2023





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