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Rethink | IBPOC Production Internship Program

Short-term internship placements for IBPOC people interested in entering production, post-production and/or audio production in the commercial film industry

Rethink is a group of people that share a common passion to ‘rethink’ how things are done. We solve communications challenges with creative ideas. Rethink embraces a can-do spirit, which is reflected in the work we do–from traditional mediums such as TV, OOH, and radio, to ACTS, digital videos, and influencer work. We’re all about great ideas, regardless of what form they take.

As an advertising agency, Rethink has a unique opportunity to lead the way forward in terms of representation, both when it comes to our people and our product.

We are reaching out for interested individuals for short-term internship placements. You will be compensated for this mentorship opportunity, with placements typically ranging from 1-3 days on a specific production project. You are welcome to shadow any role you’d like during our prep, shoot or post-production process. We are very open to placing interested people with jobs they would like to explore as a career path.

Rethink is looking for applicants in Vancouver, Montreal or Toronto who identify as Indigenous, Black or belonging to a Racialized population who are interested in entering production, post-production and/or audio production within the commercial film industry.

Please send a little bit about yourself, your location, your contact information and the role you are interested into

Opportunities are ongoing. We can place interested applicants in departments including (but not limited to) production, camera, grip, lighting, art department, locations, wardrobe, hair & makeup, and post-production roles with our partners in audio, editing and VFX.

Please note we will do our best to contact all interested people, and will keep your information on file for the many shoots we have running concurrently and throughout the year.

Thank you for your interest and do not hesitate to reach out with any questions.





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