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We're looking for Treatments and the first 10 Pages of your scripts to help you take the next step in your writing career.
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Every writer at some point struggles with finishing their script and executing the story they want to tell. This can be for numerous reasons: the dreaded writer’s block, plotting issues, problems with character development, rewrites… to finding the time in our busy lives to actually sit down and write.  You are not alone!

That’s why we created our Script Development Fund, to help you find the precious time needed to not only finish your screenplay but to also provide you with the support to craft your very best story. Our Cash Grants will allow you to go on a writer’s retreat, take time off work, find a babysitter, or any other way that our winners see fit in order to help them find the time to write.

On top of that, our Head of Education and Script Development is there to support you with script development on your screenplay every step of the way over the course of 12 months.

That time, and our expert championing you and your work, will help you not only finish your screenplay but allow you to write your best piece of work ever.

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