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Sector Development Fund

The Sector Development program is designed to support a wide array of initiatives and projects that aim to strengthen and grow the Indigenous screen sector. Funding for workshops, labs, incubators, research projects, community based programs, and organizations whose mandate is to develop the Indigenous screen sector.


Indigenous Screen Office
} 11:59 pm
can request a maximum of $100,000.00.

CLOSING DATE: Rolling deadline or until February 1, 2025.


The Sector Development program supports various initiatives and projects aimed at enhancing and expanding the Indigenous screen sector. It encompasses workshops, labs, incubators, research projects, community-based programs, and funding for organizations dedicated to developing this sector. Partnerships with educational institutions, non-profit youth programs, Indigenous-owned production companies, broadcasters, film festivals, art centers, and other relevant organizations are crucial for achieving program objectives. This funding can be utilized to bolster organizational capacity or facilitate the delivery of programs, workshops, conferences, or labs, thereby fostering the professional growth of creators and projects across all stages, from emerging to established.

Program Summary


  • Organizations involved in workshops, labs, incubators, research projects, community-based programs, and those with a mandate to develop the Indigenous screen sector.


  • Aimed at supporting a diverse range of initiatives and projects focused on strengthening and expanding the Indigenous screen sector.

Contribution Amounts

  • The ISO does not recommend specific request amounts. Funding requests should align with the project scope and anticipated impact.
  • Applicants initiating new initiatives or pilot programs should ensure their budget aligns with project scope and impact. Demonstrated track record is an essential assessment criterion, and new initiatives must clearly articulate their rationale and external support in the application.
  • First Nation, Inuit, Métis Collectives, or Ad Hoc Groups: $100,000.00
  • Projects awarded $250,000.00 and above will have a hold-back of 3% of total funding, pending project completion and submission of an up-to-date cost report and schedule of project revenues and expenditures.
  • A maximum of 10% of the total budget can be allocated towards producer fees.
  • Capital expenditures must not exceed 15% of the overall funding request (if applicable), and a strong rationale along with a long-term management plan must be provided.
  • Recipients may receive less than the requested amount as approved by the ISO.
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