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Sr. Cinematography Lead

Electronic Arts is looking for an experienced DP or Camera Animator to translate the creative vision into compelling visual imagery.


Electronic Arts (EA)
$89,300 - $123,000 CAN Annually

The Senior Camera Animator / Cinematography Lead holds a crucial role in the process of building marketing assets.


You will need 5+ years experience as a DP or Camera Animator, working in cinematography techniques, camera philosophy, and camera technology. You will collaborate with the visual content leads, editorial partners, gameplay leads, and camera crew across multiple franchises to create the desired aesthetic and mood for each project, ensuring consistency and coherence throughout each asset.



  • Oversee camera operation, framing and composition to achieve desired shots, angles, and perspectives.
  • Select appropriate lenses, filters, and camera settings to achieve the desired vision.
  • Maintain consistency in visual style and quality throughout the production.
  • Problem solves to achieve the best results while working within the confines of unfinished technology.
  • Communicate any issues with leads to determine the best way to adjust capture to achieve the visual goal for the asset.
  • Collaborate with the visual content directors to understand the creative vision and visual language and translate that to the camera teams.
  • Work with the Visual Content team to develop visual concepts, including shot compositions and camera movements to enhance storytelling.
  • You will manage and motivate the camera crew to implement the visual concept and lead quality across multiple projects and franchises.
  • Collaborate with the visual content directors, creative partners, and other important departments to align visual elements with the creative vision.
  • Communicate with the crew to convey creative direction, provide feedback, and address technical challenges.
  • You will report to the Sr Manager of the Game Capture teams to ensure resource and tools meet the requirements of the job.
  • You will manage a team of camera artists to build assets that meet the creative vision.



  • 5+ Experience as a DP or Camera Animator, Cinematographer or similar role in film, television or sports productions.
  • Proficiency in cinematography techniques, camera operation and camera direction.
  • 5+ years of experience animating cameras through game engines or 3D tools like Maya, Cinema 4D, Blender, 3ds Max, etc.
  • Creative vision and ability to translate concepts into visually compelling imagery.
  • In-depth knowledge of camera equipment, lenses, and accessories.
  • Adept and working in changing production environments.
  • The Cinematography Lead helps shape the visual identity for each project, combining technical expertise with artistic vision to create memorable and impactful imagery.
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