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Creative Technology Fundamentals (CTF)

Build the skills you need for jobs in animation, visual effects and video games
Varies per Course

Build the skills you need for jobs in animation, visual effects and video games. Did you know that the creative technology sector in BC is among the country’s fastest-growing and highest-paying? The rapid growth of the sector means there is an immediate demand for qualified candidates to fill a range of roles.

The most sought-after hires in creative tech possess three kinds of skills: technical, creative and collaborative. The CTF introductory courses are designed for beginners and provide training in these three core areas. Additionally, the small class sizes and practice-based approach offer a welcoming space with live sessions and one-on-one guidance from instructors. Pursue a career in the creative tech job market by focusing your learning on where it matters most.

Subsidized tuition for underrepresented groups is available.

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