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EmpowHER Female Filmmaking Series

Course industry professionals and designed specifically for female representing teens and adults working in film


Rogue Studios
July 10, 2022
}2:00 pm
101 Powell Street, Vancouver
Two payments of $320 + GST

A course taught by industry professionals and designed specifically for female representing teens and adults working in film. This course is geared towards those who are looking to expand their knowledge beyond their specific skill set or who are wanting to learn the skills required to successfully shoot a short film. Our goal with this course is to create a safe space for you to ask questions, to learn, become motivated, inspired and to create a network of like minded filmmakers and friends.  

From contracts, working with the union, the common mistakes and pitfalls all the way to festival submissions, let us guide you to success and empowerment as you enter this industry and join the group of unshakable women in film. 

Class topics: 

  • Working with and directing actors: Learn how to communicate your wants and needs to your actors in a safe and professional setting.
  • Getting proper sound: From set to post, sound is universally the most overlooked aspect of a short film and as such, often its downfall. Learn what you need on set, DIY home ADR and more.
  • Music: How proper music cues and score can affect and change your film. Learn from a world renowned composer how to use the tools you have at home to enhance your film and message.
  • Producing: From paperwork, proper permits and insurance, working with the union and everything in between. Learn to navigate the legal elements of making your first film.
  • Editing and navigating post: Often post production is overlooked until it is too late. Learn who and what to incorporate into pre-production as well as at home editing tips and tools from industry professionals.
  • Camera and lighting: Working with what you have to make your film look as professional as possible. Simple lighting hacks, camera angles and choices to help elevate the visual elements of your film, and inserts! Learn the value of your shot list and fighting for what you know you need.
  • Casting: How to seek out the right actors for the roll, how to run your casting session and to make sure you use the audition time efficiently. (Bonus: How to work with agents to make your offers and ensure you communicate the films limitations and needs.)
  • Film festivals and film freeway: Speak with film festival directors and creators to learn the in’s and outs of festival submissions as well as how to best utilize your festival experience. From networking to selling your next film, this is your time to shine.

8-week summer program  

Sundays 2-5pm; July 10th – August 21st, 2022

*Please note some classes may run longer as we will be running a lecture format with an interactive Q&A in every class*

Two payments of $320 + GST

This program is open to all female and female-identifying filmmakers of any skill level and age.

Additionally, please note there may be slight changes to content or instructors due to availability as all staff are currently working in film and television however every attempt will be made to replace with equally or greater content.

Contact us to register or for any additional information you may need. 





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