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Impact Mentorship

For documentaries in development by underrepresented creators


October 16, 2022
}11:59 pm

Many documentarians create a film to increase awareness and understanding of a pressing issue or story by spotlighting, investigating, or humanizing what is happening, in hopes that their films will make a difference. At the core of impact work is a collection of best practices that take into account how a film will be used as a tool for social change once it is complete.

Story Money Impact is offering 20 impact coaching hours to three Canadian documentary films (20–90 mins in length) by underrepresented creators that are in the development phases of their projects so that they can be better positioned for impact upon completion.

The deadline to apply is Sunday, October 16th, by 11:59PM Pacific Time.

What we offer: Story Money Impact (SMI) would like to offer paid impact coaching hours to three Canadian documentary films (20–90 mins in length) by underrepresented creators that are in the beginning development phases of their projects.

How does it work? SMI will host a 4 hour ‘Introduction to Impact Producing’ workshop for all three film teams to facilitate lateral relationship building and to introduce the basics of how films are used for change.

Following the workshop, the cohort and SMI facilitators will continue to meet as a group for 16 hours of coaching over three months. These hours will be used to analyze case studies and tactics, map the issue area, and review relevant materials, to support the development of each film so that it can be positioned for impact upon completion.

SMI prefers that two team members from each film team will be present for each coaching session.

Please note there is a $1500 honorarium per film team for the time required for the filmmaker teams to participate in this mentorship.

Who we are: Story Money Impact is a Canadian charity that uplifts the work of independent media-makers by connecting them with allies and audiences to enable positive change. We believe that when supported by aligned partnership, issue-based media can reach key constituents to build empathy and action toward social and environmental well-being. As an organization, we cultivate the field for this work through research, education, skills development, convening, innovation and fostering relationships.


  • Applicants must be Canadian or a Permanent Resident

  • Filmmaker teams must be majority comprised of creators from underrepresented groups

  • Eligible filmmakers can be early career or established who want to learn about impact

  • Projects must not have started formal principle photography (there is some flexibility here, we know that docs get filmed based on real life, not a controlled schedule!)

  • Content must be current and forward looking towards a better understanding of an issue

  • Projects and film teams that have applied in the past are welcome to apply again

Timeline: The deadline for all applications is Sunday, October 16th by 11:59pm Pacific Time. We will aim to let our applicants know of their application status by October 31st.

Successful applicants will receive 20 hours of paid mentorship time between November 14 2022, and March 17, 2023.

You can find the application questions and character count limits in the Google Document link below. Please do not submit an edited copy of this application preview over email, please use the application form linked in the blue “apply” button. If this application process presents any barriers to you, please contact to explore an alternative approach.





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