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Reel Green™ Climate + Sustainable Production Course

Learn how film/TV production contributes climate change and how to adopt best practices
April 6, 2022
}9:30 am

Reel Green™ is going digital! During this at-home time, we’re offering online Reel Green’s Climate and Sustainable Production courses (formerly called Carbon Literacy). And the course remains free for anyone involved in film, television and commercial production!

The Climate and Sustainable Production training course is a unique, engaging and solutions-based training session offering attendees the information and inspiration to live and work in a more sustainable way. Upon successful completion of the day, attendees will:

  • have a sound understanding of the science of climate change
  • understand how to act to reduce their impact
  • recognize the impact that production has on the environment
  • have knowledge of the tools and techniques to lessen this impact
  • Taking the Climate and Sustainable Production training course is free and recommended to everyone in the motion picture industry.

We’ve adapted the curriculum to accommodate a 3-hour training comprising climate science, what it means for production, and how to adopt more environmentally sustainable practices on-set. Now is the time to get trained so you can apply your knowledge when production starts up.





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