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Sound Design Seminar

Free seminar on sound design led by foley artist Mike Keeping
September 20, 2022
}6:00 pm
1131 Howe Street, Vancouver

Join us this next Tuesday, September 20 at 6pm for a seminar on sound design led by foley artist Mike Keeping. Participants will learn and discuss about:

  • Different aspects of sound design from a foley perspective.
  • The role of the sound team in film and TV productions.
  • The differences between what a sound editor and a foley artist do.
  • An in-depth look on how foley is done.
  • How to make sounds using different props for foley.

The event is free.  Email for more information

We wish to thank our generous funders for helping to make this event possible—Canada Council, BC Arts Council, the City of Vancouver, and BC Gaming.

This event is free and will take place in the Cineworks black box studio at 1131 Howe Street. Our entrance is located in the back alley behind the Cinémathèque.  Metered parking is available on the street, and several parking lots are located nearby.

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