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Take 2 | Okanagan Film Fundamentals

Network and learn from industry experts!


Okanagan Film Fundamentals
September 23, 2022
Suite 100-1632 Dickson Ave, Kelowna

We’re bringing together some of the most talented people in film and television to lead workshops so that you can land a dream job!

Camera Department | Grip Department | Lighting Department | Script Supervisor | Production | Location Scout | Art Department | Hair Department | Makeup Department | Wardrobe Department

What is it?

It’s a film crew bootcamp! Motion picture production is an expanding industry in the Okanagan, with a lot of job opportunities. Okanagan Film Fundamentals TAKE 2 is a three-day immersive experience that will help you understand the type of crew jobs that are available, what skills are needed for those jobs, where you might find a fit in the industry.

The workshops will provide:

  • Basic industry information all crew members need to know
  • Practical, department-specific, training with industry professionals
  • Opportunities to network with instructors and other industry people
  • The chance to be part of a crew and shoot a short film!

The goal of Okanagan Film Fundamentals is to help people embark on the first steps toward building a successful career in motion picture production.

Who is it for?

The bootcamp is designed to include a range of participants, from entry-level workers looking for pathways into the industry where they can develop a skill set to individuals that already have pertinent, transferable career skills (i.e. electrical, construction,  painting, retail, office, fashion, driving) but are looking to understand the industry better and have access to instructors to help in levelling up.

What will I walk away with?

New skills and learning to add to your resume and the beginnings of a network that can help you advance your career!





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