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Troublemakers 6.0

Free program for young filmmakers + changemakers to learn filmmaking skills and produce inspiring short films about LGBT2Q2s+ troublemakers

Now in our sixth year, we are so very excited to be bringing you the TROUBLEMAKERS 6.0 film program – IN PERSON!

Aspiring young filmmakers + changemakers can participate in this FREE program to learn filmmaking skills and produce inspiring short films about LGBT2Q2s+ troublemakers. And troublemakers (roughly ages 50+) get to share their stories and strength.

We’ll premiere the films at a public screening at SFU Woodward’s, as part of the Vancouver Queer Film Festival, and they will also be featured on Telus’ Optik TV streaming service and online.

In this FREE program:  

  • Participants will create art in small intergenerational groups
  • Youth will learn how to plan, shoot, and edit a short film that helps tell the stories of some one who inspires them
  • Older troublemakers will mentor and inspire youth participants
  • All participants will receive a $250 honourarium
  • Everyone will have a ridiculous amount of fun!

This is an inclusive program and is open to all identities. We encourage Indigenous, immigrant, newcomer, refugee, people of colour, queer, two-spirit, trans, and gender-creative persons to apply. Up to 10 youth (ages 14-30) and 10 older participants will be selected for this unique cross-generational video project to create short documentary portraits of troublemakers, storytellers, artists, activists aged 50+.

The dates and times are:

May 11-12 :       4-8pm               Youth only
May 13 :            4-8pm               EVERYONE
May 14-15 :      10am-4pm        EVERYONE
May 20 :            4-8pm               Youth only
May 21 :           10am-4pm        Youth only
May 22 :           10am-4pm        Youth only
2:30pm-4pm     EVERYONE
August 17         evening            Premiere at the Vancouver Queer Film Festival

Youth and senior participants will receive a $250 honourarium upon completion of the program, and highschool students can receive 30 volunteer hours for participating.





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