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Unity® in Interactive Storytelling for Creative Technology (ISCT)

Microcredential course focusing on creating 2D and 3D apps and projects via Unity
June 6, 2022

The power of gaming, animation, and augmented and virtual reality technology has opened up new platforms for engaging storytelling that invites the viewer to become part of the story. As demand for this immersive content continues to grow, employers are seeking people with the skills to meet the needs of the growing creative technology sector.

This program will introduce and explain the technologies that make interactive projects possible and walk learners through creating 2D and  3D apps and projects, focusing on Unity. ISCT is an industry-relevant micro-credential delivered over six weeks, and blends Bootcamp-style online synchronous (real-time) teaching with asynchronous learning activities, assignments and resources.

Subsidized tuition for underrepresented groups is available.

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