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Unscripted Producers Lab

One week intensive in Toronto for emerging BIPOC producers and aspiring showrunners in unscripted, factual, and reality TV content


BIPOC TV and Film and Bell Media
October 14, 2022

The Unscripted Producers Lab is a one-week intensive for emerging producers and aspiring showrunners working in unscripted, factual, and reality TV content production.

Developed in partnership with Bell Media senior production executive Tina Apostolopoulos and lead facilitator and content executive Andrea Griffith, the lab will focus on producing an unscripted series from start to finish, covering a range of topics: unscripted storytelling, management skills, casting, production and post-production workflows, financing and scheduling, and career development.

Following the lab intensive, participants will be matched with a mentor for individual support for six months.

The BIPOC TV & Film Unscripted Producers’ Lab in partnership with Bell Media is open to Canadian residents who are Black, Indigenous, and/or racialized Persons of Colour. To be eligible, you must also meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • You have/had an unscripted, factual, or reality series in development with a Canadian or US broadcaster or production company; OR,

  • You have attained a producer-level credit on at least one season of a Canadian or US unscripted, factual, reality or documentary series; OR,

  • You have a producer credit on a feature-length or broadcast documentary. Note: associate producer credits are eligible.

Topics to be explored

  • Unscripted Storytelling: Building the vision for your series

  • Building and Leading an Unscripted Team

  • The Ins and Outs of Casting

  • Production and Post-production

  • Financing, Budgeting and Scheduling

  • Building Your Relationship with Your Broadcaster/Network

  • Building and Evolving Your Career





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