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If the definition of entrepreneurship is “an individual who creates a new business, bearing most of the risks”, working as a film or television producer is a good fit for that definition.   

As all film and television projects start with an idea, the process to move that idea from a single sheet of paper to a fully realized project requires tenacity, vision, determination, and lots of fundraising and dealmaking.  

Producers are essentially starting a new business when they shop an idea to determine its commercial viability and then raise the financing necessary to execute on that idea.  Writers and directors also need an “entrepreneurial spirit” to push their creative ideas forward and find those people and organizations who want to invest in them and their project’s potential.  

Similarly, the professional craftspeople and technicians that work in below-the-line also need entrepreneurial skills to secure freelance work and do so by maintaining a network of connections and having up to date profiles, whether on or their online portfolio, or both.





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