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Production Accounting 201

Advanced techniques related to film and TV production accounting workflows and functions


Entertainment Partners (EP)

This high-level class focuses on advanced techniques related to film and television production accounting workflows and functions. Expect information you can use and not just theory. This course is sourced from real-life experience and best practices forged over decades in the entertainment industry from our team of experts.

Who is this course for? Our course information is curated by industry veterans to equip those looking to get ahead in the production accounting office and climb the ranks to serve as either a First Assistant or Lead Accountant. However, there is benefit for anyone looking to sharpen their existing skills, see how others get the job done, or expand on experience away from the hectic pace of a production office. What did our consulting team of Production Accountants say about this course? “I wish someone had done this for me.” Be ready to take in hard-learned lessons and fine details to set you up for success as a leader on your next show’s accounting team.

Duration – 6 hours and 11 minutes

Covered topics include: 

  • What to Know Before Getting Started
  • Setting up for success in Pre-Production
  • Managing Production Duties
  • Catching Your Breath in Post-Production
  • How to Handle an Audit
  • Wrapping It All Up
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