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Who makes the shows

Production of film and television shows drive economic activity. To make production happen involves the coordinated work of many people – from freelancers to business owners to those working in municipal film offices.

All of them are essential to support and enhance B.C. as a destination for filmmaking and for filmmakers.

Heart of the industry, focus of Creative Pathways™

Motion picture production depends on expert people. The creative workforce draws upon a labour pool of talent developed in the province over 40 years of practical experience in motion picture. Attracting British Columbians to choose careers in this industry is the focus of Creative Pathways and you can explore them all to find your place in the Careers section.

Understanding the context for a career in production work is helpful. While there are many motion picture companies of all sizes that make the productions, the production workers who actually bring film and TV projects into reality are largely freelancers. Organizing and supporting certain segments of this labour force of independent professionals are B.C.’s film industry unions and guilds.

In addition, beyond those who work in production are many people working to support all of the production activity. These people work across the broader ecosystem of this industry in supply and service businesses, membership associations, advocacy groups, government, film festivals and training organizations. All together, this broader ecosystem enables the core of production, contributing to B.C.’s film culture, and sustaining the province’s film friendliness.

In this section you can familiarize yourself to the system supporting those who work in production – the motion picture companies, the unions and guilds, and the broader ecosystem. In the Careers section you can explore the many roles in this industry to find your place and join us!

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