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Unions and Guilds

Representing B.C.’s performers, below-the-line craftspeople and technicians

There are six unions and guilds representing the motion picture workforce in B.C. The majority of the workers they represent are below-the-line professional craftspeople and technicians, as well as performers and directors. Some roles are represented by multiple unions.  Some workers belong to more than one union or guild and are referred to as “dual card” workers, meaning they are members of more than one union or guild.

Producers and their creative teams hire freelance workers who are mostly members of B.C.’s unions and guilds. Most negotiating producers’ representatives in B.C. are members either of the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) or the Canadian Media Producers Association BC Producers Branch (CMPA-BC), and therefore are required to hire unionized workers who fall within the of collective bargaining agreements that negotiate their rates and terms of employment. There are some smaller productions that do not fall in this category.

Unions and guilds each represent many departments and roles and play an active role in building B.C.’s motion picture workforce by providing education and training, as well as professional development.

Unions and Guilds

See which union or guild covers which department or discipline

ACFC West, Local 2020 Unifor

ACFC West Local 2020 Unifor

The Association of Film Craftspeople (or ACFC) provides crew for smaller budget feature films and Movies of the Week (MOWs) supplying workers skilled in craft and technical, across 23 departments.

Accounting Animal Wranglers Art
Catering Construction Costumes
Editing First Aid/Craft Services Greens
Grips Hair Lighting / Electrics
Makeup Paint/Scenic Production office
Props Publicity Script Supervisor / Continuity
Security Set Decoration Sound
Special Effects Transportation
Directors Guild of Canada - BC Branch Council | DGC BC


In BC, the DGC-BC covers directors, production managers, location managers, assistant directors and production assistants (PAs)

Directors Assistant Directors Production Managers
Location Department Production Assistants Production Assistant Helpers
International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees, Local 891 | IATSE 891


IATSE Local 891 is the largest motion picture labour union in Canada. At over 9,000 B.C. members and over 5,000 permittees, this union covers the professional artists, technicians and craftspeople across 19 departments. Learn more and match your skills to the deparments by visiting ourwork.ca

Accounting Art Construction
Costumes Editing First Aid / Craft Services
Greens Grips Hair
Lighting / Electrics Makeup Paint / Scenic
Production Office Props Script Supervisor / Continuity Coordinator
Set Decoration Sound Special Effects
Visual Effects
International Cinematographers Guild, Local 669 | ICG 669

ICG 669

ICG 669 is the International Cinematographers Guild local 669, serving Western Canada with the full range of camera department positions as well as publicists.

Director of Photography
2nd Unit Director of Photography
Camera Operator
1st Assistant Camerapersons (1st AC)
2nd Assistant Camerapersons (2nd AC)
Camera Trainee
Digital Imaging Technician (DIT)
Digital Loader
Ditigal Utility
EPK Director of Photography/Camera Operator
Teleprompter Operator
Motion Picture Video Coordinator (MPVC)
Motion Picture Video Assistant (MPVA1)

Remote Head Technician
Drone Operator (Pilot)
Drone Camera Operator
Drone Camera Assistant
Still Photographer
Senior Unit Publicist
Underwater Director of Photography
Underwater Camera Operator
Underwater Camera Housing Technician
Underwater Camera Assistant
Aerial Director of Photography
Aerial Camera Operator
Phantom Camera Technician
Teamsters Local 155

Teamsters 155

Teamsters Local 155 provides the drivers, security, and catering services for productions. Animal wranglers and specialty equipment wranglers who handle marine and automotive requirements for the production are also provided by Teamsters.

Animal Handlers & Wranglers Marine, Automotive & Misellaneous
Drivers Catering

UBCP/ACTRA is the performers union in British Columbia, representing a wide range of performers including principal performers, stunt performers and background performers covering film, TV, animation, voice, videogame and commercial production.

Background Performers

Stunt Performers
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