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Entering and building a career in B.C.’s film industry requires personal initiative and an openness to learn from those around you. There are all kinds of job roles and once you’ve found your pathway in, the career journey will be as varied as you plan, make choices and seize opportunities to grow. While some job roles have clear paths with required formal learning, many job roles do not require formal education.  There are a range of careers that are logistical, legal, financial, operational, and more. You’ll learn about them all in this section.


Respect the Craft

It takes the combined and collaborative efforts of many skilled professionals to produce a film or television show. Creative Pathways focuses on careers in live action production, which has the greatest need for workforce growth, as well as roles in Above-the-Line, Animation/VFX and Post Production, as well as “film adjacent” roles across the industry’s broader ecosystem. All careers in the industry benefit from a shared understanding of and respect for the craft of filmmaking. 

Respect each other

In this section you’ll learn how careers for most people in the industry aren’t traditional 9-5 work, but are rather about seeing a creative project through to completion. Careers in this industry benefit from relationship-building. This happens through working together, valuing each others’ differences and areas of expertise, and dependably doing everything it takes to collaborate and achieve the end goal. There’s a feeling of satisfaction seeing the end results of the projects and moving onto the next one!

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Did you know?

Basics for every career! The Cultural Human Resource Council provides this list to bring to your creative career in motion picture:

    • Respect the ideas and feelings of others.
    • Accept authority and supervision.
    • Know how to express yourself well.
    • Stay cheerful even under pressure.
    • Respect other people’s differences.
    • Work well in teams.
    • Listen well.

Whether your skills are in business, creative, technical, or if you are interested in cultural advocacy, sales, retail, administration or law — there are few human talents that aren’t needed in the film and television/media production business. If you are willing to work hard, you have a good chance of achieving your goals in this massive and diverse industry.

~ Cultural Human Resources Council, 2016

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