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Animated Production

Shows created with drawings

Animation is most often used to tell stories in these formats: television series, feature films and short films. The studios that make animated content must maximize profit to cover the costs of longer production cycles and labour-intensive processes required to create animated productions. These projects will often be created in one language (for a local market) then adapted and translated for sale to international audiences, whether for children around the world or for adult fans of comedy and anime.

  • Children’s programming – particularly animated series and cartoons for children are especially adaptable into many languages for international sales and distribution.
  • Three different processes – there are three ways to make animated content: 1) stop motion, 2) two-dimensional/2D, also referred to as traditional hand-drawn, and 3) three-dimensional/3D computer animation. Some animated productions use all three of these processes.
  • Single or multiple studios – unlike live action production, in animated productions, the production and post production process are mostly done within one animation studio, although sometimes parts of the animation process can be divided for completion by separate studios.




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