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Disciplines and Roles

Highly specialized digital creative teams focused on different aspects of screen production

Image: Black Panther VFX in British Columbia

Similar yet different digital technical practices

Drawing the story world

The animation industry tells entire screen stories in drawings. Animation is the art of storytelling with drawings or, in the case of stop-motion animation, with real-world objects.

Unlike live action production, animation is created in an office-based environment that’s often referred to as an animation studio.  While some parts of the process use hand-drawn methods (sketches, drawings),  the primary tool for creation is powerful software and hardware that support the creative process from concept through to delivery.


Think dragons and dinosaurs

VFX brings us creatures, crowds and so much more. It’s the process of enhancing live action shot footage with new images and elements that can’t be filmed in real life.

Visual effects artists work to create images and elements with specialized software and are supported by technicians and IT experts to create whatever the story calls for: massive crowd scenes, explosions, monsters and more.

Post Production

We’ll fix it in post

Polishing the screen story is the post production process, where the story comes together after all the live action footage has been shot.

A team of specialists bring their picture and sound editing skills to shape the story. Music is added and the complex work of finishing the film or television show, and meeting technical standards for sales and distribution around the world, is met and supported by specialized technology.

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Quotes from the animation studio

“To all the nerdy girls out there who hide behind their sketchbooks, don’t be afraid to tell your stories to the world”

~ Domee Shi, Director, “Bao”, winner of an Academy Award™️ for best animated short film

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