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Equity is
the result of
diversity and inclusion

It is necessary to understand how discrimination and exclusion have led to a lack of participation by people from systemically excluded groups. Past and present practices of discrimination and exclusion continue to marginalize people.

All people should be able to participate equally in society. But not all people experience equal access to resources, opportunities or benefits. The reality is that people continue to experience racism, homophobia, ableism and sexism, all of which perpetuate exclusion.

Diversity and inclusion programs seek to create greater equity and address a current and historic lack of access.  Equity work requires actions and adjustments to address imbalances evident in society today. It is a societal and historic issue that we all have a responsibility to address.

Why is uniting as an industry for equity important?

Stories matter. And who tells and makes them matters a lot. Storytelling deepens our sense of self, and influences our sense of belonging. Stories shape how we relate to others and encourage us to explore, understand and embrace differences toward new understanding. Stories help to form our individual and collective beliefs – including our biases. They translate our experiences, connect us, change our opinions and instill values.

Which stories are we going to tell together? Industry can help ensure our stories include everyone.

How is B.C.’s motion picture industry taking action for equity?

The local industry is united through Creative Pathways, individually and collectively, to acknowledge and take steps that correct existing imbalances. The initiative is multi-faceted, long-term, and connects the Motion Picture Production Industry Association (MPPIA) to the broader community and its national partners, for accountability and action towards equity, diversity and inclusion.

As B.C. is North America’s third largest full-service production hub, we also look to and value the ongoing partnerships and committed actions of major U.S. studios.

Creative Pathways is also a platform for this international collaboration for change, such as the seed funding from WarnerMedia Access Canada that anchored government investment in this project.

Creative Pathways builds on the steps being taken by individuals, committees, organizations and companies. These include listening, collaboration, programs, cultural safety training, supportive policies, practices for safer workplaces, and importantly, greater representation on screen, on set and in leadership.

Taking steps together toward equity is a strategic commitment and process that will align, evolve and improve our systems and in turn, our workforce.

Our progress together will include everyone as it increases representation and participation for Indigenous people, Black people, People of Colour, those who identify as LGBTQ2SAI+, People Living with a Disability and Women.

“Together, we now face economic, social and environmental threats that cannot be ignored and will undermine the well-being of society’s most marginalized first….it’s time to create space and opportunity, to amplify voices, and to reinvent ourselves – economically, socially and environmentally … Together, we can find steadfastness amidst the uncertainty if we consistently choose optimism, bravely muster our combined strength, and go beyond kindness and compassion to act tirelessly from a place of 100% accountability.”

Prem Gill, CEO, Creative BC

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Here are some new and long-standing local to national organizations championing greater diversity in storytelling. They’re resources worth consulting:

Black Screen Office
Creating Pathways for Black Creatives

Women in View Building a More Vibrant, Innovative and Equitable Media Landscape

Racial Equity Media Collective Equity for screen-based creators

Indigenous Screen Office Supporting Indigenous sovereignty through storytelling on screen

Women in Animation Vancouver Animation Career EXCELerator

IATSE Local 891 Reconciliation, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Disability Screen Office (DSO)

BIPOC Film and TV Black, Indigenous and People of Colour in TV and film

Capilano University Indigenous Digital Filmmaking program

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