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Motion Picture Companies

Companies doing business in B.C.

There are many complex business models in the motion picture industry.  Each film and television production is financed in a unique manner, with different partners and parent companies coming together.  No two deals are alike.  For the job-seeker, focus your search on the production title, not the production company. For those interested in the businesses behind the motion picture industry, read on.

From independent to multi-national

The size of a media company varies from a small business run by a sole proprietor operating as a creative entrepreneur to a major multinational media conglomerate (also known as a major Hollywood studio) with multiple divisions.  

When a media company produces a television show or feature film, they will typically run that production through a single-purpose production company that will be set up prior to production and wound down after the production has been completed and delivered. In a television series, each season of the series  will be produced under a separate single-purpose production company. This industry standard approach is used to effectively track all of the financial details involved with the creation of a feature film or season of a television series, and reflects the fact that no two deals are alike.

Focus your job search by production, not by company

When it comes to looking for freelance work in the B.C. motion picture industry, it’s best to focus on the production title of the film or television series, not the parent company behind the show.  Many job-seekers use the In Production list generated by the provincial film commission at Creative BC to find out what is currently shooting in British Columbia. 

B.C.-based producers and production companies

From Brightlight Pictures to Yeti Farm Creative, many companies in B.C. create and own the film and television content they create. For more on production companies operating in British Columbia, take a look at the Canadian Media Producers Association BC Producers Branch

Est. count of productions in B.C. in 2022

Est. B.C.-based producers and production companies

Did you know?

There are many international brands doing business in B.C.’s film industry including:

  • Apple TV
  • Amazon Prime
  • Disney
  • Hallmark
  • Lifetime
  • Netflix
  • Paramount Pictures
  • Sony Pictures
  • NBC Universal
  • WarnerMedia

Many of these companies are part of an association called the Motion Picture Association of Canada (MPA Canada).

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