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B.C.’s motion picture industry

Making films and television shows is big business, with many companies behind the creation of screen stories. Transforming an idea to a film or television show involves many well-timed moves and interconnected parts. In B.C., well over $3B is spent per year in making screen stories for both domestic and international audiences.

$ Billion est. total B.C. production spend on 450 shows in 2021

Image: Jack Rowand

Animation, VFX and Post Production studios

Image: BigBadBooStudios

B.C.'s current crew depth for simultaneous live action productions

Image: Black Panther VFX in British Columbia

B.C. is a Top Tier Hub

Choosing to work in B.C.’s motion picture industry means becoming part of one of the largest and most sophisticated centres for production in the world.

Many things combine to make B.C.’s industry as successful as it is – from its skilled people (often referred to as talent) and variety of location “looks”, to its specialized production spaces and services.

Beyond the creative entrepreneurs (above-the-line), professional craftspeople and technicians (below-the-line), and creative techs (those in animation, visual effects and post production) B.C.’s industry works together with partners in government, communities, and businesses in other sectors to optimize the province as a production environment while also taking care to improve environmental sustainability and maintain great relationships with the people and environments where motion picture activities take place.

Industry Scale Key Facts

  • The province can provide resources, talent and spaces for up to 60 live action productions shooting simultaneously.
  • There are an estimated 200 B.C.-based independent producers.
  • B.C. is home to over 130 animation, visual effects (VFX) and post production companies.
  • Over 160 supply and service companies support the industry.
  • There are approximately 35,000 full-time and equivalent jobs in the industry and between 60,000 and 70,000 working in B.C.’s film industry.

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