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A vast array of functions and skillsets working in teams to get the creative job done

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Get to know how industry is organized below-the-line

There’s a lot to understand in the world of motion picture production including exactly what all of the departments are, and the many roles that comprise each one.

There are 31 departments below-the-line and over 300 distinct job roles within those departments. While there are many who work on commercials and independent productions (including short films, documentaries and low budget features) the majority of people who work in a below-the-line capacity belong to one of more of B.C.’s six motion picture unions and guilds. Use this Careers section to learn about every department and role, they’re all included.

Importantly, you’ll see which roles are the entry point for a department and which ones are “in demand”, meaning there is low supply in B.C.’s current workforce. The information in this section will help you make strategic choices while also considering which creative pathway is most aligned to your interests and aspirations.

Below-the-Line Departments


Job Roles

Unions and Guilds

Explore a Below-the-Line Career

Creative Support Roles

B.C.’s motion picture industry’s recent labour market study of the below-the-line workforce gives a snapshot of which segments of the unionized workforce within industry have the majority of members and workers.

Work together and play together

“This is a very social industry. It’s very important that you learn how to network and develop long lasting relationships”

~ Stunt Coordinator

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