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Championing a dynamic motion picture workforce in B.C. that is equitable, diverse and inclusive.

Bridging career-seekers with industry

Motion picture production activity in British Columbia is increasing. The workforce needs to expand to meet demand.  But it’s a vast and complex industry without a single easy entry point.

That’s why the Motion Picture Production Industry Association (MPPIA) and Creative BC have collaborated with many industry stakeholders to launch Creative Pathways and continue supporting workforce development.


Take Steps to Get into #BCFilm

The colourful rings of the Creative Pathways target are like steps toward your goal to Get into #BCFilm. Unlike traditional industries, this career path requires a lot of initiative to collect knowledge, skills and networks that gradually connect you with the many freelance roles the industry offers:

  • If you want to be a producer/director/writer, be ready to become an entrepreneur who works above-the-line. You will lead your own teams and projects, pitch, promote and generate demand for your ideas, and seek public and private investors to support bringing them into reality.
  • If you want to work on movie sets and studios, plan on beginning with entry-level below-the-line positions to learn on the job from other artists, craftspeople and technicians. You will work your way up, learning on the job in guild-style fashion from experts in the camera, stunt, set decoration departments and more.
  • If you love the digital side of storytelling, and you’re keen to work in animation, visual effects (VFX) or post production, a formal education is usually required to gain basic art and digital skills. With this training, you will become a sought-after freelancer because this segment of the industry’s workforce is in very high demand.


How to use
Creative Pathways™

  Spark your interest with information about screen stories

  Learn about British Columbia’s motion picture industry

  Acquire basic training and skills to build your capabilities

  Engage in networking and events to meet people

  Focus your career path

  Take advantage of opportunities

 Build and track your work experience

  Get into #BCFilm


Help new entrants to Learn. Meet. Work.

Behind these three words is a strategic collaboration framework, complete with industry services provided through Creative BC so your production can support new entrants to get into #BCFilm.

Visit the Creative Equity Roadmap, a resource for B.C.’s motion picture industry to advance Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion to discuss how you can join Creative Pathways.

Let’s Collaborate

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
How does Creative Pathways™ work?

Creative Pathways is a platform to champion a dynamic motion picture workforce in B.C. that is equitable, diverse and inclusive.  On this website, we have provided comprehensive information about careers in B.C. motion picture industry for everyone. Creative Pathways also offers specific supports (such as Setwork or Meet 10) to increase workforce participation of people from systemically excluded groups, with a priority on below-the-line positions.

I'm not located in B.C. Can I still use the site?

You sure can, the information is for everyone and we hope will be useful as a general guide for jobseekers in the motion picture industry. However, some information is specific to the province of B.C., or only applicable to work in B.C. so please be aware and research your local ecosystem.   

What are the most in demand roles in the motion picture industry?

In the motion picture industry, in demand roles vary by production type (ie. a period drama will often require larger costumes departments; an action film usually needs a large number of stunt performers) and volume (the number of concurrent productions in a geographic location).

Beyond those immediate needs are roles that are often in high demand, such as Accounting, Construction, Costume and Grips in below the line work. For animation and visual effects, skilled artists and technicians are in high demand.

All in demand roles on the Creative Pathways site have been validated by BC’s motion picture labour organizations, and will be updated regularly.   Check them out in the Careers.

How does Creative Pathways™ define people from systemically excluded groups?

Creative Pathways offers specific supports designed for people with one or more of these voluntarily self-identified characteristics:

  • Indigenous People
  • Black People
  • People of Colour
  • People Living with a Disability
  • People who are LGBTQ2SAI+
  • Women
Do I have to disclose my personal information to use the site or any of its features?

No you don’t. It’s your choice and self-identification is voluntary. All forms offer a “prefer not to say” option.

How do you protect my privacy if I apply for a Setwork opportunity?

Use of the Creative Pathways website is governed by Creative BC’s privacy and terms of use policy. For applicants to Setwork, they will be asked to agree to privacy terms as outlined in the Workforce Diversity Program Policy. For those looking to hire candidates, Creative Pathways will require employers to register for an secure password-protected account in order to access personal information supplied by applicants.

I need crew ASAP - like tomorrow - will this site help me do that?

Not yet. We suggest you consult some of the people directories in Canada. They have many members in B.C. with all sorts of skill sets in film and television.

Why did you build Creative Pathways™?

We want to create clear information about working in the motion picture industry and we want to expand the workforce by welcoming a wide range of British Columbians. We know that the  film and television industry is complex and we wanted to show how it works so that you can find a path forward and join the industry.

We also want to provide users with practical tools, so that we can all evolve to support new entrants and provide a safe and welcoming environment.

We built Creative Pathways with jobseekers in mind and designed inclusive features such as the Userway plug-in tool which can customize the web experience for a range of users.

What's the reason for the Creative Pathways™ project and who is behind it?

Creative BC, the Motion Picture Production Industry Association (MPPIA) and B.C.’s motion picture industry developed a six-part strategy to deliberately increase workforce capacity through more fair and balanced representation. The strategy acts on recommendations from a recent labour market study,  funded by the Province of British Columbia and the Government of Canada through their Sector Labour Market Partnerships program (SLMP).

The design, development and implementation of this website and its two targeted equity streams, Setwork and Meet 10, is a secondary SLMP project also funded by the Province of British Columbia and the Government of Canada, secured by industry “seed” funding from Warner Bros. Discovery Access Canada. Read the media release.

I still have questions or comments, who do I contact?
The Origins of Creative Pathways™

Creative Pathways is a six-part strategy to grow B.C.’s motion picture industry workforce through more fair and balanced representation – above-the-line, below-the-line, and in animation, VFX and post production.

Parts 1, 2 and 3 are internal work for the industry and parts 4, 5, and 6 are outward facing engagements. These outward facing activities are the focus of the Creative Pathways Project, a Sector Labour Market Project funded jointly by government and industry, to deliver this website, Setwork, Meet 10 and the corporate services to deliver them.

Read the announcement, July 2021


The Creative Pathways initiative is a collaboration between MPPIA and Creative BC. Its objective is to grow B.C.’s workforce through more fair and balanced representation.

The initiative began in response to the industry’s below-the-line labour market study that realized:

  1. the industry’s workforce in B.C. must grow by up to 10% each year to meet labour demand (replacing a retiring workforce and increasing number of workers in high-demand job roles);
  2. both women and racialized people had 14% lower participation in this workforce than in B.C.’s overall workforce;
  3. word-of-mouth, or networked recruitment, is the primary means of hiring: “who you know” is critical to workforce entry, but many feel it’s hard to access the network;
  4. multiple and unclear access points for union and guild entry further create a feeling that the industry is exclusive rather than welcoming.

Fully 97% of people working across the province in motion picture are British Columbians, so it’s up to the industry to address both of these points to improve and maintain the reputation of a leading, full-service production hub. Through stewardship, deliberate changes will support the evolution of B.C.’s local talent pipeline, as this workforce is core to B.C.’s success as Canada’s largest and North America’s third-largest production centre.

Project Governance

Creative PathwaysSector Labour Market Partnership project was overseen by a Governance Committee representing local and national experts across the motion picture industry:


Chair: Prem Gill, CEO, Creative BC
Tracey Friesen, Managing VP, Canadian Media Producers Association BC Producers Branch*
Joan Jenkinson, Executive Director, Black Screen Office
Tara Kemes,  General Manager, Cinesite (formerly)
Crystal Braunwarth, Business Representative, IATSE Local 891*
Erika Kumar, Director, Warner Bros. Discovery Access Canada
Barbara Lee, Founder, Vancouver Asian Film Festival
Kerry Swanson, Co-Executive Director, Indigenous Screen Office
Natasha Tony, Founder, Elevate Inclusion Strategies
Kendrie Upton, Executive Director, Directors Guild of Canada BC District Council*
Sheryl Wilson, Hairstylist, IATSE 891 Member
Ryan McCormick, Ex-Officio, Senior Program Manager, Sector Labour Market Partnership Office, Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Training
Adrienne Beck, Director, Film & Digital Media Policy, Tourism, Arts, Culture and Sport
*MPPIA member 


Sponsor: Prem Gill, CEO, Creative BC
Creative Pathways Lead: Katannya “Kat” Yee, Creative BC
Project Lead: Lisa Purdy, Principal, Notio Media
Advisor: Marnie Gee, B.C. Film Commissioner + Director of Production Services, Creative BC
Manager: Karin Watson, Director of Business Operations, Creative BC

Project Funders

Creative Pathways Canada British Columbia
WB ATA Colour Logo


Creative Pathways - Partner MMPIA
Creative Pathways - Partner MMPIA


CMPA - Canadian Media Producers Association - BC Producers Branch
ICG - International Cinematographers Guild-Local 669
MPA Canada
TEAMSTERS Local 55 - Vancouver BC


Animation and VFX

Founding Advisory Committee + Supporters

Animation and VFX
BSO Black Screen Office
Vancouver Post Alliance
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