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You’ve seen the big lights and the big trucks and groups of professionals moving specialized gear through your neighbourhood, your city streets and parks and out in the forest or on the water.  B.C. is home to many productions, big and small.  Producers choose to shoot in B.C. for many reasons, and our range of locations and facilities help B.C. maintain its position as one of the world’s top tier production hubs.

B.C. has a significant infrastructure to service motion picture production from diverse natural and urban locations, to animation and VFX studios, post production houses, and soundstages, all supported and serviced by an extensive array of suppliers providing specialty equipment. All of this infrastructure means that B.C. has the capability to offer “end to end” services, meaning complete solutions, skills and supports to achieve what is required by across all of the phases of film production.

This province has over 40 years of history in filmmaking and therefore its infrastructure is vast and truly on the cutting edge of the industry. Even the largest scale production requiring world class technologies will be successful in B.C. and importantly, it will be supported by socially and environmentally progressive industry practices.

Choosing where to film is a business decision

The top three factors influencing a producer’s decision are: tax credit predictability, stability and competitiveness; an experienced labour pool; and a robust and varied location supply.

Against many creative and financial variables, these were reported in a recent industry study as the three critical factors determining a location choice amongst other competitive jurisdictions.

While every production has unique creative and logistical requirements, the highly mobile nature of the industry means that these factors will determine selection.

Tax credit stability, predictability, and competitiveness
Efficiency: Time savings and high output
Accessibility: Practical and convenient geography


Expertise: Knowledge of the “craft”, diverse labour competencies, skills and characteristics
Experience: Proven ability, understanding and specialized knowledge
Service: Collaborative partners and film-friendly governance


Infrastructure: Purpose-built studios, conversion spaces and creative location “looks”
Scale: Accommodation of big budget creative requirements
Volume: Simultaneous complete crews, available equipment and locations.

Image: David Gluns
Image: Bosa
Image: Creative BC
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