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Hollywood North 101 Podcast

Discover and understand how has Vancouver, aka Hollywood North, became one of the biggest filming cities in the world

How has Vancouver, aka Hollywood North, become one of the biggest filming cities in the world? In our special Hollywood North episode, Global VID introduce you to 3 different people who greatly contribute to the Vancouver filming community: Liz Shorten, Brian Hamilton & Rob C. Cooper.

Our 3 guests banded together to develop the Pacific Screenwriting Program that provides a training ground for BC’s aspiring and active screenwriters alike. In partnership with Netflix, the program equips writers with the skills, experience and connections necessary to establish a sustainable career in this dynamic regional screen industry.

What makes Vancouver so amazing & challenging at the same time?

Well, Vancouver and its suburbs are the former homes of world famous actors such as Ryan Reynolds, Michael J. Fox, Seth Rogen and the list goes on. Located a mere 2.5 hour flight away from LA or a 2.5 hour drive away from Seattle, Vancouver has become one of the major filming hubs, just behind Los Angeles and New York City. The Greater Vancouver Area represents a $3B+ local filming industry, but it remains heavily reliant on production services instead of original programming & intellectual property (IP) and there is always the risk of a brain drain down south.

That does not mean Vancouver does not have people like Liz, Brian & Rob working hard behind the scenes to create new original IP opportunities for local producers and ensuring that talent remains local.


Guest Details for Global VID Season 2, Episode 5:

  • Liz Shorten, the COO of the Canadian Media Producers Association (CMPA)
  • Brian Hamilton, a Principal at one of Vancouver’s longest running production studios Omnifilm Entertainment
  • Rob C. Cooper, a successful showrunner (known for working on 17 seasons of MGM’s Stargate franchise as well as the owner of his own production company, Mezo Entertainment).
  • Moderated by Eric Y. Lapointe of And Now Global
  • Pacific Screenwriting Program:
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