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Apprenticeship Program

Start a career at Versatile Media production company in animation, FX and more!


Versatile Media

Versatile Media is a global company that has created an end-to-end virtual production workflow. Our new North American headquarters are based in Vancouver, Canada where we run performance capture and visualization stages that run on real-time technology. Our upcoming LED stage is scheduled to open later this year.

Our Vancouver location is focused on Virtual Production, combining real-time rendering technology, traditional film workflows and proprietary research and development, as well as creating original animation and live action I.P for Sci-Fi and fantasy genres.

How our Apprenticeship Program works and how you can join:

Versatile will have an ongoing intake of recent graduates, and you can apply before or after graduation. We will then invite qualified graduates to interview with our team. We are looking for talent across all disciplines, but our most important qualification is enthusiasm for virtual production and storytelling. The Versatile Apprenticeship Program will be for a duration of 6 months and is a paid apprenticeship. During the program, you will work regular hours in our studio and will be assigned to different areas of the virtual production pipeline where you will have the opportunity to discover your interests and strengths within each department. From day one, you will get real work experience and be part of, and contribute to the team. You will have the opportunity to work alongside seasoned veterans from the VFX, Gaming and Animation industry along with our dedicated production team and learn first-hand about virtual production! Apprenticeship program participants will be considered for full-time employment after successfully completing our 6-month Apprenticeship.

You must be authorized to work in Canada or eligible to apply for a Post Graduate Work Permit.

We have four main streams which you can choose from…


As a Generalist you’ll cover a broad spectrum of work, this will include modelling, texturing, look development, scene building, lighting, matte painting — all critical components to make an idea come to life on screen. If you have an interest in doing complete scenes from start to finish, this is the stream for you!

FX and Dynamics

If blowing things up and making audiences gasp is your thing, then FX might be the stream for you. Here you will produce various photorealistic simulations of smoke, clouds, dust, explosions, fires and water. You may also work on creating cloth, fur, fabric, and crowds.


In the Developer stream you will learn to apply your programming skills across our complete technology stack. From simple scripting and pipeline utilities to tool development for Maya and Unreal Engine, all the way through to cutting-edge machine learning and deep neural networks. If you know Python and want to see its power in the digital arts, this is the stream for you.


If you love bringing characters to life through expressive character movement and have a good grasp of motion, weight, timing and lip syncing this is the stream for you. You will work with the Animation team to conceptualize, create and execute quality animation sequences utilizing new technologies with both motion capture and keyframe approaches.

Not sure which stream is the best fit for you? We are open to guiding you and discussing your interests to help you decide. This is a personal process based on your interest and career goals. Change your mind? No problem, this program is all about exploration! We want to make sure you are happy and are on your way to jump starting your career in the world of virtual production.

About You:

You will have graduated from an affiliated and accredited school or institution with a degree or diploma in either VFX, Gaming, Animation or Computer Science. You will be looking for your first job in our entertainment and media sector. Your drive and passion for art and technology will be illustrated in a comprehensive reel or portfolio that highlights your work accomplished while at school. You show an enormous amount of interest in virtual production and film making and it shows in your portfolio and work. Versatile’s attention will be directed at candidates that have a strong portfolio with emphasis on art. Your work will include some photorealistic pieces whether it be in models, textures or lighting.  An energy that shows you have completed volunteer or personal work, projects and art will be an asset.

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