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InFocus Film School

InFocus Film School is an independent film school built on the premise of providing an accelerated education in film and entertainment arts. Founded in 2010, InFocus has become Vancouver’s top cinematic arts training institution, offering diploma and certificate programs in film production, 3D animation, visual effects, screenwriting, and digital graphic design.

InFocus Film School provides a superior education through accelerated, hands-on learning. InFocus’ industry-professional instructors mentor students through interactive classes with a focus on building a strong portfolio. We encourage students to grow as visual storytellers, to realize their personal artistic visions, and to maintain creative autonomy as they enter Vancouver’s muti-billion dollar film industry.

We are always looking for skilled, experienced instructors in film, visual effects, 3D animation, screenwriting, and graphic design. If you think you would be a fit for our team, please email your cover letter and resume to

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