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Skills you need for success

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An inexperienced person with a great attitude on set can go a long way in this business.

~ Production Manager, Labour Market Study, 2019

Top 5 Skills for New Entrants


  1.  Acting with Honour & Character
  2. Communicating Effectively
  3. Keeping on Point
  4. Getting Organized
  5. Managing Diverse Relationships

Top 6 Skills for Advancement


  1. Communicating Effectively
  2. Acting with Honour and Character
  3. Keeping on Point
  4. Demonstrating Personal Flexibility
  5. Managing Diverse Relationships
  6. Managing Stress & Fatigue
How do we know these are the top skills need to work in motion picture?

We’re so glad you asked

In a research study examining the below-the-line motion picture workforce in B.C., we asked current hiring managers and crew members what skills were necessary to enter and advance in a career in motion picture. Both groups agreed that these were the top skills needed. 


Learn more about the research in the Labour Market Study, 2019

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