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A new platform to champion a dynamic motion picture workforce in B.C. that is equitable, diverse, and inclusive.

There are hundreds of different jobs in B.C.’s motion picture industry, and we’re convinced one of them is for you.

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Careers for all British Columbians

Making screen stories involves accountants, drivers, cooks, carpenters, sculptors, stunt performers, sound techs and so many more.

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From many backgrounds

Our freelance workforce of union and guild members welcomes people from all communities across tech, trades, business and the arts.

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Industry is here to welcome you

From studios to industry associations to unions and guilds, we’re collaborating behind the scenes to build your pathway.

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We’ll have many more opportunities launching right here. You’ll be able to access resources, tools, meet-ups and connections to real people working across the industry – from live action to animation, visual effects and post-production—all to support your journey into this vibrant industry.

Our motion picture workforce is growing and collaborative equity-focused opportunities will help bridge British Columbians from underrepresented groups into the industry through many partner programs. Specifically, we’re supporting career paths for Indigenous Canadians, Black and People of Colour, those who are LGBTQ2AI+, People with Disabilities and women.

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This Sector Labour Market Partnership is funded by

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Creative Pathways Founders

mppiaCreative Pathways Founders - CreativeBC

Acting on recommendations from a recent labour market study, Creative BC, MPPIA and B.C.’s motion picture industry developed a six-part strategy to deliberately increase workforce capacity through more fair and balanced representation.

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Our motion picture industry gratefully acknowledges we are living and working on the ancestral home territories of 203 Indigenous nations, with commitment to learn how to be respectful guests. Visit native-land.ca to learn about your home on native land and how we in the industry can follow On-Screen Protocols and Pathways.

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