Championing a dynamic motion picture workforce in B.C. that is equitable, diverse and inclusive.


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Creative Entrepreneurs

These are the writers, directors and producers who write original material, drive the key creative vision for a film or television project and raise the money to make it.


Professional Craftspeople + Technicians

Meet the crew. Bringing a screen story to life involves many skilled craftspeople and technicians plus a range of specialized skills such as stunts or animal wrangling, working on set. From drivers to cooks, make-up artists, buyers, carpenters, camera and sound technicians, there’s a role for you..

Animation, VFX & Post Production

Creative Technology

The animators, visual effects (VFX) artists and those working in post production use their artistic and technical skills to create animated feature films or television series, the addition of visual effects and the finishing of a show through the post-production process.

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Animation, VFX, Post-Production

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