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Business Affairs Learn By Doing Series

Led by Michelle Wong, the Learn by Doing Series is delivered in modules, deep diving into the business of production from development to accounting

Led by Michelle Wong, the Learn by Doing Series are interactive teaching sessions with a set curriculum. Each session will be delivered in modules, deep diving into the business of production.

Session 1: Budgets: Development and Production
Participants will learn how to build a development budget, as well as what goes into a production budget. Participants will learn how to calculate producer overheads and what is allowed for Producer’s fees.

Session 2: Financing
Participants will learn how to structure a range of financing scenarios. This session will also cover interim financing, tax credit calculations, funding sources, and distribution/broadcast licensing.

Session 3: Cost Reports and Accounting
Participants will learn about accounting practices, how to track and code costs. This session will also cover related party transactions and implications on multiple shareholders or partnerships.  This session will tie back to the first session and test learning and/or growth.

About The Facilitator

Michelle Wong began her formal film training at the National Film Board (NFB) of Canada working with the Oscar award-winning Studio D.  Michelle’s production credits cross all formats, from television movies to feature length documentaries, performing arts specials and features. Her most recent credits include Executive Producer on the documentaries Undetectable: How Stigma Has Gone Viral in the Fight against HIV (Snapshot Studios/Telus Originals), Business Affairs on the features El Chicano, Come True, Global Meltdown and on the scripted television projects produced by Seven24 Films: Heartland (CBC), Jann (CTV), Family Law (Corus), Fortunate Son (CBC), and Wynonna Earp (CTV/Sci-fi).

Michelle is also a founding member and board member of Creatives Empowered, Alberta’s first and only non-profit collective representing film, tv, media and arts professionals – from emerging to established –  who are Black, Indigenous & People of Colour.

About The Program

This is the second in a series of professional development programs and clinics that will be run by the CISF to build capacity among BPOC producers  to manage their own budgets, finances and paperwork in order to retain control of their IP.

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