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In a Divided World, Canadian Film Has the Power to Unite

Reel Canada study revealing that two-thirds of Canadian students say watching Canadian films provide a sense of Canadian pride

REEL CANADA study reveals two-thirds of Canadian students say that watching Canadian films in class provides them with a sense of Canadian pride

Research commissioned by REEL CANADA, a non-profit organization dedicated to presenting Canadian films in schools (in partnership with Telefilm Canada, Ontario Creates, and Creative BC) and conducted by VICE Media Group, reveals significant positive cultural impact when students are exposed to Canadian film in class.

Findings reveal that two-thirds of Canadian students who see Canadian films in class say that they make them feel a sense of pride in Canada, compared with only half of students who are not so exposed. Other data highlight a clear correlation between student exposure to Canadian film in the classroom and greater tolerance for other points of view, better understanding of other Canadian communities, and more insight into other lifestyles.

Further, students who are shown Canadian film in schools express a richer engagement with culture in general, including greater interest in a wider range of content, in how the content is created, and in discussing content with peers.

“It’s imperative now more than ever to give our youth tools that help them feel a greater sense of connection and togetherness,” says Jack Blum, co-founder of REEL CANADA. “In a fractious time, a stronger sense of Canadian identity can be a unifying force.”

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