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Reel Opportunities

Online workshops exposing young people to the hundreds of career opportunities in the Canadian film industry — completely free of charge!

The Reel Opportunities programme, presented by REEL CANADA, offers online workshops designed to expose young people to the hundreds of career opportunities in the Canadian film industry — completely free of charge!

Our pre-recorded workshop features 5 working film industry professionals from across Canada speaking about their own experiences and how they got to where they are now, as well as advice and tips for viewers.

After viewing the workshop, please fill out our survey. If you are interested in hosting a live Reel Opportunities workshop, which would feature a working film industry professional speaking directly to your group about their own experiences in a specific area of interest of your choosing, click here to register now! The live workshop programme includes:

  • Online interactive workshops with Q&A, suitable for in-person or remote learning
  • Option to focus on a particular job role/department 
  • Youth-centred web resources and follow-up activities for further exploration
  • Flexible timing through to end of June 2023

The Reel Opportunities programme is in the process of expanding to include an in-person film and television training programme, available in select cities. Click here to find out more.

MORE ON REEL CANADA:  We’re a non-profit organization that celebrates Canada through film, bringing Canadian film into the classroom and engaging students and youth in a conversation about identity and what it means to be Canadian. Over the past 16 years, we have held over 6,000 screenings in both English and French, and have reached more than one million young people! For more information, visit





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