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Casting Workbook, in partnership with Producer Essentials, is proud to offer a new video masterclass series for aspiring producers who are looking to take the next step & bring their creative project to life.


Producer Essentials
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Access over 16 hours of course content, documents & bonus seminars with the top PE instructors & industry experts

For Aspiring Producers

Whether you’re an actor, director, writer, an aspiring business professional or a passionate creative interested in how the production industry works, this series will save you time and money. **Producer Essentials: A Comprehensive Guide to Business Affairs and Production Law for Film & Television** offers you the tools you need to effectively navigate the Film & TV production landscape and get your first project off the ground.

Learn from the very best

Developed and designed by top entertainment lawyers, Lori Massini & Heather Watt, **Producer Essentials** brings together current industry legal experts & business professionals to provide step-by-step instruction, essential information & firsthand experience into every video session.

Master Class Instruction

Through 12 video sessions across 16 hours of content, this self-paced course covers all aspects of producing a film or television production, from financing the project and post-production requirements to marketing and pitching your project to investors, festivals and distributors.

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