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The Making of Film and Television Masterclass

Craft a story that makes audiences feel something.
} 10:30 am

Callo presents The Making of Film & TV, a 5-hour Masterclass series about the craft behind developing film and television. Industry experts will share the pillars of what makes great stories, from how to conceptualize and evaluate a good idea to how to sell that idea and leverage the project marketplace to get it made! In class, you’ll transform ideas into must-watch stories for screen. Seriously, from 0 to 1.


You’ll walk away with two core skills:

  • Learn how to generate and refine compelling story ideas for both film and tv. Discover the key elements that make a concept stand out and resonate with audiences in a crowded marketplace.
  • Understand the business and gain insights into how to pitch your film or  series (correctly), secure financing with and without a studio, retain ownership, and navigate the distribution process.


Our Lecturers:

Session on April 20th | Louise Ogunnaike

Session on May 4th  | Abe Bengio

Session on June 1st  | Dani Melia

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