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Calltime: Mental Health

Assisting workers and employers grappling with mental health and addiction issues both in and out of the workplace


Calltime: Mental Health

About 1 in 4 adults in the U.S. and Canada has symptoms of a mental health disorder, a substance-abuse disorder, or both. Sadly, most do not get proper care for the problem, often due to fears of social stigma, an inability to recognize their need for help, or lack of information & access to resources. This is no different within the BC Film sector.

The Calltime: Mental Health campaign has been developed to support BC motion picture workers and their families, reduce the stigma related to mental health and substance use concerns, and to ensure that BC motion picture workers are aware of the services and benefits available to them through their Union Health Benefit Plans and broader resources that are available to the public.

The Calltime: Mental Health campaign has been created by a committee composed of representatives of each of the five BC Film Sector Unions – IATSE 891, ICG 669, Teamsters 155, UBCP/ACTRA and DGC BC and their associated Health Benefit plans – with administration and financial management coordinated by the British Columbia Council of Film Unions. Initial funding for this initiative has been generously provided by the five BC film union locals.





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