Championing a dynamic motion picture workforce in B.C. that is equitable, diverse and inclusive.

Safe Spaces Playbook

A guide on creating safe spaces for staff and clients in the spirit of equity to the community


Kickstart Entertainment

Kickstart’s Safe Spaces Playbook is a guide on how to support and mandate safe spaces, which is shared internally, with their clients and in the spirit of equity to the community.  They encourage everyone to read it and use it how they see fit to help promote some first steps that can be taken to create safe spaces

The main purpose of the Safe Spaces Playbook is to create and keep our spaces safe for our teamies to thrive and bring their whole authentic selves to work.  The intent is to create a space for all Teamies to learn, make mistakes and continue to evolve and build an inclusive community together.  Kickstart want to help everyone relearn and create an environment where mistakes are okay as long as we learn from them and move forward.  The idea is to start with pronouns and inclusive language and then build out other aspects of safe spaces.  As this is an ongoing process we will continue to build out additional resources, training, and education for safe spaces.

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